Conserve Animals,nature, Environment, Basically world.(instagram dig-paper art)

Are we really conserving nature?Do we live in the world were animals are safe.Oh God who am I kidding?We as humans are not safe with our own species who will protect anyone,love the creation of God.

We live in the world,where money is the priority.Well there’s anything wrong in that.We cannot win the war empty stomach right?.But sad part is we humans forget that nature and animals, environmental factors needs our attention specifically animals,those poor creatures die because of hunger, forest disaster etc.God has created them to make human lives better,but we are destroy nature in terms of making a living, loading ourselves.

I have come across a beautiful art of making paper birds figurines.This artist name Niharika rajput is doing a unique art to spreading awareness of saving these little creatures through her art.I love the concept it is all hand made.It looks beautiful as home decor.I am amazed to see to see different kind of talent with spreading awareness in the world.http://www.niharikarajput.com

Doesn’t it look like a real bird,yes it’s made out of paper.

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