Digital platform for fashion collection.

As the world is lockdown.People from all around the place has started doing creative stuff which might not be possible before lockdown. I mean it is ironic to see how quickly human mind adapts change according to situation,who would have thought fashion week can also become digital,showcasing new collection a new collection without going some place beautiful, setting up a stage ,doing hooo- haaa about invites.

Designers are also evolving with time, whether if its a world wide known designer or around the street designer they are keeping us through about their work and struggles to showcase a collection.During pandemic Fashion weeks are called off,so to keep up with enticing people Chanel has launched cruise collection through digital platforms.

Watch “The Cruise 2020/21 Collection — CHANEL” on YouTube

Titled as  Balade en Méditerranée’ (A trip around the medditarean)

As they say change is only constant.Fashion designers creative minds can’t be challenged.Designers make some or the other way to make loyal fans engaged in buying activity.

Will the shopping/splurging money mindset make change after this crucial time gets over?

Did something really changed during lockdown specially our needs and desires?

Well, That will also cruise with time.

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