When I was in school I was really bad in sketching and drawing. I use to keep my drawing books with my bestfriend as she was good in drawing and painting.But seeing other people with good drawing skills it always fascinated me ,there was a seed urging inside to learn drawing skills.Somehow I never entertained urge in school days.Then many years past by I did fashion designing there also I tried to be good in drawing,this time I was really trying hard to learn those skills but that Didn’t happen.Again after getting married I decided to learn sketching ,so I joined classes to learn fashion illustration as it allows fascinate me.Through the learning process I started sketching potrait and I was being pretty good with drawing potraits.So I discovered something which was there in me but I ignored, still I can’t say I am an artist but atleast I am doing what I love to do and growing. Sketching for me is like meditation.I feel everyone should have some hobby in life to keep you grounded,make life less chaotic.Here goes few sketchings done by me.

Also I am very much inspired by few fashion illustraters they are amazing in there field of work.

She is dipti Patel.She does this amazing art work of fashion illustration.she also makes digital wedding invites.I try to learn from her posts how to illustrate this beautifully.one must check out her work on instagram post if you want to learn fashion illustration.
She is dr.sneha ,she does this amazing illustration .To name a few she also has well known clients like sva couture, Cadbury .I just adorn her work.One must check out her page on instagram to learn about fashion illustration.

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