Lockdown=Time to invest on self.

The world is at hault,we are amidst lockdown getting bored at home, Thinking about businesses,paycuts,salaries,tensed about future.I have never imagined this kind of days will come in life where everything will be blurred and in blues.Well,I can’t really stop what’s happening around ,but I feel there is no harm in learning developing new skills maybe for future or just for fun.Dig into your oyster of talent. I truly believe each one of us is talented it’s just that people around filled us with negativity and self-doubt,shhhhh them away we don’t need that kind of energy anyway.If it’s selfish to live for yourself a little be it.I mean “why not”?.

There few apps which is helpful in developing skills and learning fun and exciting things which might help with your businesses /just help you grow in your talent.

This app is awesome to teach stuff ,you always to learn. Now is the right to learn and form new habits,Get that painter kid out of yourself..paint or expanding business online tips& tricks or just dive into that digital world of graphics and much more just for few bucks,hook the courses for a year.


This app has got some really fun and amazing videos.where you can learn ,enhance you art skills, entrepreneur skills just to name a few.Majority of the courses are different from where you get to around different app.Here have to pay for what you want to learn specifically.But it’s worth your penny.Just dive in the pool of knowledge with passion.you will definitely come out with alive mindset not rat race mindset.

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