Binge watch.

As we are in that phase of life,where human contact is not advisable phewww.Many people, including me are binge watching shows , movies and what not😉.

Isn’t internet , Netflix, prime, social media and all other platform seems like a boon in this difficult time in our life.Imagine what if lockdown has happened way before social media , internet era,Ooops don’t even want to think about it,how boring our lives would have been , atleast we are keeping little sanity by watching our favourite shows and doing what we like and always wanted sometime out of our hobby.Otherwise,In the hoard of making money and paying bills,all were tired and exhausted.we still are, nothing really changed as much but atleast we have sometime to do what we like.OH! coming back to binge watching.Nowdays a not so famous show has become my favourite “Jane-the virgin”,yes it is kind of chick flick,but hey many women also like superheroes too.So man ,why not chick flick.I am not saying man should definitely watch these shows, just that sometime chickflicks are fun too.

So the story revolves around three latin-american woman,Jane is the main character who artificially gets inseminated..she is basically a teenager who wants to become a successful writer ,but with this incident comes as a shocker,later she decides to raise a child . she finds out the father of her accidently artificially inseminated child was her crush where she works.Then they fall in love but she already has a boyfriend,then she chooses between the two ,gets confused.There are lot of up downs in her life and her mother and grandmother mother.It is a rom-com series with dreams,life, aspirations of young girl.

It’s good to binge on some light hearted, different story genre.

#netflix #janethevirgin

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