Habit…Easy to break,hard to make and viceversa

Why do we hustle to make a habit which helps us to be better in something or a better person And on the other hand why bad habits are such an easy task. Sometimes I wonder why animals and other creatures doesn’t have to cook,earn,pay bills take all the worries in and try to find different channels to take it all out ,keep calm, keep going.

Most common example if one decides to lose weight, sometimes it takes lifetime to form a habit of doing exercise daily.while it’s so easy to eat junk and gain weight.Its all about putting an effort to make a habit.

One drink, becomes two,then three,by the time you realise fun drinking turned out be an habitual drinker(alcoholic).Does it take an effort ,but once the habit is formed it is so hard to live with/without alcohol.It takes tons of effort to stop.

Someone has said a meaningful quote”There is no free lunch”. Nothing in life comes for free.Humans are wired to work hard to do something good,make change.If things comes easy ,Goes easy,Comes hard stay hard.Good things takes effort and time, that’s why a enough number of years to make it,break it then again make it something good.

Though it does seems like a lot of efforts but good habit is always stay good helps to make life lovable, livable.

Boring but true, Working hard does bring fruitful success.Its okay to break the habit but always be consistent in making a new one for good.