Wedding bazaar official (instagram dig)

Hello Readers,

So what comes in mind,when you hear the word wedding specially Indian wedding?”shadi ka laddu khaye toh pachtaye na khaye toh pachtaye,Oh !!!No No No -not that part”😬

Wedding in India is an added season like summer ,winter , monsoon.Wedding festivities are Fun, entertaining,food for soul,dhamal ,Masti.But when it comes to shopping,decor,theme, garments ,it becomes tedious task.

This page on Instagram is really helpful in wedding planning , which try to solve all your wedding task.Wedding bazaar is like actual bazaar(market) for all wedding planning needs at one stop.

Be it lehengas,decor, photoshoot,events,make up all the shenanigans one needs.In india marriage is few days affair.No wonder it brings so much joy and happiness not only to bride and groom but also for family and friends from all over the place.In today’s fast pace life family and friends don’t meet that often.But weddings connect that brigde. It helps to forget everything and just let loose for days.


All the memories come alive of my wedding,while writing about this page.Also,food takes the center stage in weddings.Dancing,Food,music,decor, family, friends makes this functions a happy place to be.

Nowadays it has become a getaway to routine life.Weddings a re amalgamation of two people,but definitely for families and friends too.


Vani/mypaintbrushtales (Instagram dig)

As the name suggest,her page is about art, paintings.For me art is getaway to beautiful world where everything is mesmerizing.When you want find peace and true connection to soul,art gives you that solace to just be “you “and get engrossed into magical world of colours.

Her work is detail-oriented,she makes it look like everyone can do painting,but definitely with practice.she is mostly into acrylic paintings,I took up classes with her,she is incredible with her work.


Art is adorable.There are tons of pages on instagram but i found her art is simple and makes it believable that if you decide to make a move to learn and develop a Skill It is possible, it’s just about a first move rest is possible.

Colours have power to make you smile,just by looking at painting videos,flowers ,nature etc.It has the essence of tranquility.


fashion page for fashion enthusiasts.


She is a fashion designer.Her page can really inspire fashion students and person like me who is struggling to start something related to fashion if not designer.she even runs a label,her collection is mainly pastels.Fashion designing is a crowded place,but there are lot of things to do other than designing which are less discovered.Designershala is a go-to page.It is important to stay updated and alert in this industry,just like it is important to “stay hydrated”

This platforms offers various courses and in-depth knowledge about fashion jobs, illustrations, update on latest trends,how to crack exams on designing and much more.



Is haute couture (High dressmaking) dying /Pret e porter(ready to wear) dominates the industry?

Well, statistically majority of world population comes under poor/middle class people.So there is no question they will look for something cheap and can be use often.Custom made sewing is expensive ,it takes time, effort ,money and originality,which again is rare in today’s era.

I often wonder how McQueen,Yves sant Laurent,coco chanel and many other big designers do ton of shows and survive to come up with different collections every year.There is elite crowd who buys from world renowned Designer’s.while watching their shows I wonder how do they manage to sell such exclusive and expensive stuff every year.If they would have not been managing to sell, there would haven’t been any market for high end designers.

It concludes their is market for haute couture,fast fashion,street style etc.And to be honest fashion world has become more cluttered, exhausting , competitive but if there is a passion for fashion,then one must dive into deep water to see if they can reach the shore again.


Saree and lehenga draping(Instagram dig)

In india,saree (unstitched drape) is traditional garment worn by women.Saree is an evergreen attire in india.I personally think saree as old fashioned garment ,but it does add charm if you know which fabric and style suits your body type. Though saree is a simple drape ,but to make it fashion forward is a challenge, definitely not for dolly Jain .she is a celebrity’s drape artist.Making a career out of draping is just unusual and different.Before bumping into her posts I never knew there are tons of ways to drape a piece of fabric to give it a elegant twist.Even repeating outfits can go unnoticed with different pleating and draping.In her post she shows how to drape saree and lehenga in different ways no harm in checking her instapage😊 https://www.instagram.com/tv/B-mWPSIFqdp/?igshid=ojbda0l4bzxy