Wedding bazaar official (instagram dig)

Hello Readers,

So what comes in mind,when you hear the word wedding specially Indian wedding?”shadi ka laddu khaye toh pachtaye na khaye toh pachtaye,Oh !!!No No No -not that part”๐Ÿ˜ฌ

Wedding in India is an added season like summer ,winter , monsoon.Wedding festivities are Fun, entertaining,food for soul,dhamal ,Masti.But when it comes to shopping,decor,theme, garments ,it becomes tedious task.

This page on Instagram is really helpful in wedding planning , which try to solve all your wedding task.Wedding bazaar is like actual bazaar(market) for all wedding planning needs at one stop.

Be it lehengas,decor, photoshoot,events,make up all the shenanigans one needs.In india marriage is few days affair.No wonder it brings so much joy and happiness not only to bride and groom but also for family and friends from all over the place.In today’s fast pace life family and friends don’t meet that often.But weddings connect that brigde. It helps to forget everything and just let loose for days.


All the memories come alive of my wedding,while writing about this page.Also,food takes the center stage in weddings.Dancing,Food,music,decor, family, friends makes this functions a happy place to be.

Nowadays it has become a getaway to routine life.Weddings a re amalgamation of two people,but definitely for families and friends too.


What’s on my mind,fooooddd?….plantfuture(instagram dig)

Food-Mouth drooling, isn’t it?,As the name says plant future is all about food.Today’s world is revolving around food recipes.how the world has become small,how everything is just one click away,so is food.

What I love about this page is yummy recipes , ofcourse.But more than that a foreigner is making Indian cuisines,that is incredible.Indian food is diverse,Indian cuisines has many colours to it.Authentic recipes and taste.

It’s easy to fall in love with Indian cuisines.But the way this page owner makes is amazing.I love to see his videos on different regions, different recipes every week.You get to see so many different recipes and just feel like it’s not that difficult to make.

So the food lover’s page is worth checking outhttps://instagram.com/plantfuture?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

We live for food and food makes our soul happy.Food makes you go yummmmmm.Feeling hungry already?๐Ÿ˜ฌ


Fascinating food magnets(Instagram dig- hellominiverse)

Food food food…. Aren’t we all live for food.who will not fall for those mouth watering cheesy pizza’s,lip-smacking vadapav, dosas ,pav bhaji,hot spicy Indo-chinese(In india we have our version of chinese,which is way different from real chines)but who cares untill and unless it’s yummy.We  Indians have diverse food culture.India is a colourful country with different food cultures based on religions,climate,ethnic groups.

In india,all states have their own cuisine.There’s spicy,sweet,sour,bitter can relish all types of taste buds.Migration from around the world have vital part to play in india flavours.For e.g,Greek,roman and Arabs have contributed “Saffron”. Portuguese has brought indian staple ingredients like tomato, potato ,chilli as well as sugar,Even butter chicken is introduced by Scotland though we have reinvented it with Indian spices though.Also,India is called “Land of spices”.

So with rich food culture,if food becomes art there’s anything like it.This artist turns our favourite dishes in to fridge magnets and customised keychains.They looks adorable and real.Everytime we open fridge,we can drool over this magnets yummies.https://instagram.com/hellominiverse?igshid=phsdag5nyvhj