“saving the artisan”

As the title predicts,to save the fashion designer artisans in general of all sorts.I love this initiative where 14 Indian designers come together to save them from famine as the time is hard during pandemic.

There is always a soft corner on my heart for artisans who worked so much hard to make a fashion designer stand out.Of course ,a designer also works as hard as artisans to brainstorm a design,but without this creaters of weaving a vision into a garment fashion industry would have not been where it is now.As the world rank states”Textile industry is world’s second to share country’s GDP”

So these designer’s are selling their two best designs and share the profits with artisans.I people who can afford there designs should definitely support this initiative.I definitely love the cause.I am proud of such designers who thinks about people who are backbone of designer’s.All 14 designer’s listed below.

14 designers join forces to help workers and their families with ‘Saving the Artist’ initiative


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Agroup of 14 Indian designers have come together to set up a charitable initiative titled ‘Saving the Artist’ to support traditional artisans and craftspeople during lockdown and keep India’s craft traditions alive.

14 designers are selling their most popular products to aid artisans and domestic violence survivors – Jayanti Reddy- Facebook

Saving the Artist was recently launched by a group of designers as a fundraiser to aid artisans. Designers included Neeta LullaFarah Sanjana, Shriya Som, Archana Rao, Shehla Khan, Gabriella Demetriades, Jayanti Reddy, Akanksha Gajria, Nitya Bajaj, Eishita Puri, Sohni Patel, Shirin Mann, Suman B, and Ridhi Mehra.

Each designer will put up two of their most popular designs for sale on Instagram and the proceeds from the sale will be divided between the brands’ craft workers and NGO Sneha to support those affected by domestic violence.

“The #savingtheartist initiative has been created to help our unsung heroes of fashion who keep our industry vibrant and flourishing,” participating designer Jayanti Reddy wrote on her eponymous brand’s Facebook page. “In the hope to raise funds to support our embroiderers, tailors, and artists we’re putting together a group of 14 designers from the fashion industry and are coming together as a creative community to help support the families of our workers that need us more than ever right now.”
“This initiative to save the artist is to promote the backbone of our fashion family- our workers/ artisans,” Neeta Lulla told the Bombay Times. 
Many artisans and craftspeople are daily-wage labourers and have struggled as work has dried up during lockdown due to safety concerns and regulations. Some brands have continued to pay their workers’ salaries when they have not been able to work but others have stated that they do not have the resources to do so facing almost zero income during lockdown.


D-I-Y apparels (Instagram digs)

Who doesn’t love D-I-Y (do it yourself).when you can turn boring things into attractive gaze , that’s something this diy fashion designer is doing.She is turning boring clothes into beautiful clothing.I like the way she turns plain simple dress into trendy dress.She uses her sewing to turn a ill-fitting garments into hip one.I can think she can make any not so attractive piece of clothes in to wearable fashion garment.https://instagram.com/sarahtyau?igshid=s9xix4mgro40

Just a simple lace detail can do wonders in plain boring dress.
Grandma’s style turned into elegant dress.
Wow!Jacket turned into fringe bag

Home decor (Instagram digs)

There is this cutsieee store on instagram,I have bumped into specially for kids,adorn by adults.They sell puff bags ,home decor stuff, fascinating curtains, bedding, accessories,wall art etc.Mostly wall art and decor items are hand-painted it will definitely give that oomph factor in your/kids room.They all are so colourful,vibrant and mesmerising art.It’s fun to check out their world of art decor.https://instagram.com/akkad_bakkad_?igshid=1tvh2uv4pwbp


Lockdown=Time to invest on self.

The world is at hault,we are amidst lockdown getting bored at home, Thinking about businesses,paycuts,salaries,tensed about future.I have never imagined this kind of days will come in life where everything will be blurred and in blues.Well,I can’t really stop what’s happening around ,but I feel there is no harm in learning developing new skills maybe for future or just for fun.Dig into your oyster of talent. I truly believe each one of us is talented it’s just that people around filled us with negativity and self-doubt,shhhhh them away we don’t need that kind of energy anyway.If it’s selfish to live for yourself a little be it.I mean “why not”?.

There few apps which is helpful in developing skills and learning fun and exciting things which might help with your businesses /just help you grow in your talent.

This app is awesome to teach stuff ,you always to learn. Now is the right to learn and form new habits,Get that painter kid out of yourself..paint or expanding business online tips& tricks or just dive into that digital world of graphics and much more just for few bucks,hook the courses for a year.


This app has got some really fun and amazing videos.where you can learn ,enhance you art skills, entrepreneur skills just to name a few.Majority of the courses are different from where you get to around different app.Here have to pay for what you want to learn specifically.But it’s worth your penny.Just dive in the pool of knowledge with passion.you will definitely come out with alive mindset not rat race mindset.

Factory outlet.

When branded stuff comes cheap,it doesn’t hurt pocket.Factory outlet products are branded but manufacturers sell it directly so it is pretty cheap as compared to retailers.Sometimes you can get good products.Do check out factory outlet stores in your city/nearby areas.Never know you might just get lucky to grab your dream brand product in cheap.


Famous Designer’s Passion for fashion( Journey)

We always talk about Designer’s and latest trends,often forget about appreciating about how it all started and their share of struggle.As fashion world is cruel and crowded place now.Back in late 19th century fashion designing was a growing industry.In this era there were few players who had made the legacy of fashion designing.Because of those legends of fashion the industry is booming ,people became aware of a fashion.India,in olden days parents were skeptical about fashion as a career but due to some great designers fashion industry started blossoming. Back in those days fashion designing wasn’t a respectable career ,people use to think spoiled brats choose fashion,even today that mindset is still there but it is evolving. .In today’s era textile and apparels are most important and leading industry in the world.Textile industry does hold unique position and helps contributing in country’s GDP.I am sure there are lots of designer’s who has shaped fashion industry. According to me below jotted down designer’s are pioneers.How they have immerged through their struggles.There are designer’s who never had formal education ,but they have made it big in industry.

Ralph Lauren(American designer)

He started with a retail industry as sales man at brooks brother, before launching his first collection of neckties.He was selling them at large departmental stores, including blooming dales under the brand name “polo”. Ralph Lauren created classic clothing line for menswear.lauren invented classy sports wear. Though he achieved immense success as a designer but company had a share of low point where he had to pay huge amount of money to settle a case. Despite every hurdles he immerged like a true star.

Sabyasachi Mukherjee(Indian designer)

This man is a magician in his craft.Almost every bride dreams about wearing Sabyasachi lehenga on her wedding. His work is surreal. But Sabyasachi also has his share of struggle,He wanted to became a designer, parents refused his desire to purse a career in fashion. So he ran away from his home to work as waiter in Goa .He even sold his books to appear in nift exams. Then slowly and gradually he started off his label with mere 20k,from there on he never looked back. His choice of fabric, embroidery, craftsmanship is a work of a genius. And I love his show “band baaja bride” with my most favourite host ambika anand they both are fabulous in their profession. According to me Sabyasachi looks most generous person in this world.

Coco chanel(french designer)

Coco turned the mourning colour into elegant evening wear colour,It named by “little black dress “.She was in orphanage rasied by nuns who taught her to sew. That skilled probably turned into designing. This women is iconic,who helped women to say goodbye to corsets and other confining garments.Chanel suits are world famous for its collarless style. while climbing  ladder of sucess in life,obstacles are bound to fall. After world war 2,Coco closed her business also fired her employees and shut shops.Chanel left Paris ,went into exile in Switzerland. she again started her business in 70’s.Coco chanel gave the world luxurious channel no. 5 perfume,It also become vital accessory in fashion.

Elsa schiaparelli(Italian designer)

She is probably first women fashion designer, who paved the way for many female designer’s.she was known for knitted sweater’s.she had introduced geometric patterns in her designs which became big hit then and now.she was known as “artistic designer”.Despite the economic crash ,she countined running her famous house successfully.

Manish Malhotra(indian designer)

Manish Malhotra needs no introduction,he is well-known man across the globe .He is the man who changed bollywood industry with most iconic fashion pieces in indian movies.He didn’t have degree in fashion,but he learned from pratical experiences.Manish mix indian craftsmanship with modernization and create magical garments.

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When I was in school I was really bad in sketching and drawing. I use to keep my drawing books with my bestfriend as she was good in drawing and painting.But seeing other people with good drawing skills it always fascinated me ,there was a seed urging inside to learn drawing skills.Somehow I never entertained urge in school days.Then many years past by I did fashion designing there also I tried to be good in drawing,this time I was really trying hard to learn those skills but that Didn’t happen.Again after getting married I decided to learn sketching ,so I joined classes to learn fashion illustration as it allows fascinate me.Through the learning process I started sketching potrait and I was being pretty good with drawing potraits.So I discovered something which was there in me but I ignored, still I can’t say I am an artist but atleast I am doing what I love to do and growing. Sketching for me is like meditation.I feel everyone should have some hobby in life to keep you grounded,make life less chaotic.Here goes few sketchings done by me.

Also I am very much inspired by few fashion illustraters they are amazing in there field of work.

She is dipti Patel.She does this amazing art work of fashion illustration.she also makes digital wedding invites.I try to learn from her posts how to illustrate this beautifully.one must check out her work on instagram post if you want to learn fashion illustration.
She is dr.sneha ,she does this amazing illustration .To name a few she also has well known clients like sva couture, Cadbury .I just adorn her work.One must check out her page on instagram to learn about fashion illustration.


Fashion history

As war has history fashion has history too.Charles fredrick worth introduce haute couture (high fashion) to the world.He used to make garments only for elite and royals.Before house of worth his label there were only random dressmakers.

Worth’s designs were notable for lavish trimming and fabrics.He was known to make one-of-a-kind designs.Worth was getting famous by showing garments on live models,his aggressive marketing skills made him popular among royals.worth rose to fame eventually through fashion magazines.

After his death,his son and great grand son took over the business and legacy ended when Jean Phillip retired.

In fashion as such there is no use of learning history,but having knowledge about how tailor made garments started getting attention is vital to know,As saying goes”old is gold”.


Passion for fashion.

In today’s era the term fashion is equal to life.Though perspective is different, fashion has become crazy and most crowded place to be a part of. We live in the world which is connected through internet, nothing seems to be far from reach ,we have ample of opportunities to learn and grow, yet there is job and work shortage.I wanted to become a fashion designer,in my head being a designer is a fancy thing but it takes a lot .Though I know I do have potential but still “stuck from where to start”.To find answer I started blogging mainly about fashion.I may write crappy shit which doesn’t make sense but happy to start with something rather than just sitting and hoping.#apparel#fashiondesgning#newto blogging#aspiration#loveforart.