Saree and lehenga draping(Instagram dig)

In india,saree (unstitched drape) is traditional garment worn by women.Saree is an evergreen attire in india.I personally think saree as old fashioned garment ,but it does add charm if you know which fabric and style suits your body type. Though saree is a simple drape ,but to make it fashion forward is a challenge, definitely not for dolly Jain .she is a celebrity’s drape artist.Making a career out of draping is just unusual and different.Before bumping into her posts I never knew there are tons of ways to drape a piece of fabric to give it a elegant twist.Even repeating outfits can go unnoticed with different pleating and draping.In her post she shows how to drape saree and lehenga in different ways no harm in checking her instapage😊 https://www.instagram.com/tv/B-mWPSIFqdp/?igshid=ojbda0l4bzxy

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Some place Beautiful…..

Through painting,It feels surreal to revive pleasure of traveling to beautiful places.Traveling makes one feel alive to see different parts of the world unfold.

I have never been to Santorini (Italy),But those Bougainville,white walls,pathways,blue sea seems so mesmerising.Sometimes I Wonder how the creator of this world has thought about human being needs, to make this world a beautiful place through nature and natural beauty.

Though It depends on humans how we preserve and make this beautiful places more beautiful to enjoy, for us and for generations to come.Cleanliness always play vital role in Beautification of any thing.Who likes Garbage and filthy places,still we live in a world where nature and cleanliness are not appreciated.It is sad to see people litter and throw things anywhere they like.Industries play major role in polluting and destroying nature . Though Knowledge can make Man wise, so right from childhood , school’s should educating about preserving nature and cleanliness to make some change.

Let’s make this world a better place to live .


Five Unusual creative career paths

“Find out what you like doing best, and get someone to pay you for doing it”….Katharine Whitehorn

1.) Floral Designer

Floral designers arrange live,dried,silk flowers and greenary to make decorative display of flowers .The job requires artistic skills and a good understanding of emotions different flowers can evoke . There is a formal education in High school diploma/degree as well as master’s degree programs .Floral Designer’s may create arrangement for single occasion or floral display at large-scale functions like wedding, banquet and funerals.They can also work with interior designer to create a look for hotels, Resturants , Residential and commerical places .Florist can also open their own business.I don’t know how lucrative this career is ,but a creative head can definitely give it a go .Flowers are such beautiful creation of Nature and they are here to stay forever, making a creative career out of it is not perishable.

2.)Set Designer

A set designer is someone who is in charge to design a set for films, television and theatre.Set designers often works with producers,directors,costume designers and other crew members.Rough drawings and ideas taken from production team, turn it into realistic builds include scenery, drapery, furniture and props.It is a work of art to create cost effective design’s .Set designer’s read scripts many time to create realistic set.A set designer can get job wherever a set needs to be designed,Nowdays specially in india event management company needs a set designer for weddings for big fat indian wedding functions.Experienced Designer works as a freelancer/self-employed basis.

3.)Glass Blower

Glass blower creates design from molten glass .It varies from simple to complex,the end of narrow tube helps to create vases,glass jars, figurine and jewellery,skill and tools of glass blower determine the final shape of the glass. Though it is unique form of art which requires highly skilled professionals this artwork has been passed down on generation to generation. Most of the glass blowers work as a freelancer and have their own studio.

4.) Sculpture Artist

Sculpture is three dimensional art made from molding, casting , welding include materials like wood,clay ,metal,stone and lot of other sculptors create artwork for businesses, outdoor parks,home, buildings,monumental places just to name a few. Sculptors are hired by large /small companies depending on skills to begin their routine work to hone artistic skill. Formal education in bachelor’s of fine art/master degree helps to understand various aspects of creating a sculpture.

5.)Navel Architecture

As the name suggests,work in manufacturing of sea-going vessels like ships,yatchs, steamers,war ships, submarines and cruise ships.Designing a ship is a complex engineering .Navel Architecture requires creative as well as logical mind.They must have understanding of many faucets of ship designs,in terms of functions, appearance, sea safety.Engineering degree is required to become reformed navel architecture.


Fascinating food magnets(Instagram dig- hellominiverse)

Food food food…. Aren’t we all live for food.who will not fall for those mouth watering cheesy pizza’s,lip-smacking vadapav, dosas ,pav bhaji,hot spicy Indo-chinese(In india we have our version of chinese,which is way different from real chines)but who cares untill and unless it’s yummy.We  Indians have diverse food culture.India is a colourful country with different food cultures based on religions,climate,ethnic groups.

In india,all states have their own cuisine.There’s spicy,sweet,sour,bitter can relish all types of taste buds.Migration from around the world have vital part to play in india flavours.For e.g,Greek,roman and Arabs have contributed “Saffron”. Portuguese has brought indian staple ingredients like tomato, potato ,chilli as well as sugar,Even butter chicken is introduced by Scotland though we have reinvented it with Indian spices though.Also,India is called “Land of spices”.

So with rich food culture,if food becomes art there’s anything like it.This artist turns our favourite dishes in to fridge magnets and customised keychains.They looks adorable and real.Everytime we open fridge,we can drool over this magnets yummies.https://instagram.com/hellominiverse?igshid=phsdag5nyvhj


Digital platform for fashion collection.

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As the world is lockdown.People from all around the place has started doing creative stuff which might not be possible before lockdown. I mean it is ironic to see how quickly human mind adapts change according to situation,who would have thought fashion week can also become digital,showcasing new collection a new collection without going some place beautiful, setting up a stage ,doing hooo- haaa about invites.

Designers are also evolving with time, whether if its a world wide known designer or around the street designer they are keeping us through about their work and struggles to showcase a collection.During pandemic Fashion weeks are called off,so to keep up with enticing people Chanel has launched cruise collection through digital platforms.

Watch “The Cruise 2020/21 Collection — CHANEL” on YouTube

Titled as  Balade en Méditerranée’ (A trip around the medditarean)

As they say change is only constant.Fashion designers creative minds can’t be challenged.Designers make some or the other way to make loyal fans engaged in buying activity.

Will the shopping/splurging money mindset make change after this crucial time gets over?

Did something really changed during lockdown specially our needs and desires?

Well, That will also cruise with time.


Future of Digital fashion.

What is digital fashion?

Is it something to do with wearing and buying clothes virtually.Pretty Much answer is “yes”.Covid has definitely gave humana lot of aspects to work virtually,using the technology we created the right at comfort of our home.But ,we as humans have urge to socialize,I think that’s why we are called social animal.

I mean looking at something online and buying is fun.But doing that all the time in near future without feeling and touching a product is not appropriate.Going out and shopping things makes us move from one to another.If things started getting digital as they are,world won’t be far from obesity.It will affect our mindset.This technology is making is lazy pigs.

Still we live in the world were we buying clothes online,but there is balance somewhere.Atleast there is also a liberty of going out and shopping.

Designers are trying this digital concept where designs are made with the help 3d animation.No need to source fabrics,cuts,trims.It is called digital couture.Design will be made digitally and if it gets sold it will be made according to size and preference.

These instagrammer has sold his first everdigitally made dress.

Well, Digital world is providing us comfort,but what about those daily wages people.If fashion industries are shut.We will also be destroying poor people who make things manually.

There’s always going to be pro’s and con’s.we have to decide in more humanly language that is love care and affection.

Art Artist Artists Blog Blogger Bloggers Blogpost Career creativity Cuisine Culture Designer digital fashion Draping Drawing fashion Fashion bloggers Fashion collection Fashionshow Fashion world Fear festivities Food Garments India food Indian food Inspiration Instagram life Mind Motivation Nature Outfit Painting Peace Shopping socialmedia Spices Spiritual Styling Sucess Travel Trends wedding


Conserve Animals,nature, Environment, Basically world.(instagram dig-paper art)

Are we really conserving nature?Do we live in the world were animals are safe.Oh God who am I kidding?We as humans are not safe with our own species who will protect anyone,love the creation of God.

We live in the world,where money is the priority.Well there’s anything wrong in that.We cannot win the war empty stomach right?.But sad part is we humans forget that nature and animals, environmental factors needs our attention specifically animals,those poor creatures die because of hunger, forest disaster etc.God has created them to make human lives better,but we are destroy nature in terms of making a living, loading ourselves.

I have come across a beautiful art of making paper birds figurines.This artist name Niharika rajput is doing a unique art to spreading awareness of saving these little creatures through her art.I love the concept it is all hand made.It looks beautiful as home decor.I am amazed to see to see different kind of talent with spreading awareness in the world.http://www.niharikarajput.com

Doesn’t it look like a real bird,yes it’s made out of paper.


Flower power.

Flowers are our friends in happiness, sorrows,illness,romance

Flowers has definitely power to change our mood in many ways.It looks so beautiful watching flower arrangement in weddings,events, birthday s etc.They comes in many shapes and sizes so are “we”.why can’t we accept all humans are unique with different qualities.As banch of different flowers can make a bouque. We all together can make this world a positive and beautiful place.

Let’s try to save planet by not cutting trees, instead growing more trees and flowers ofcourse.😊


Binge watch.

As we are in that phase of life,where human contact is not advisable phewww.Many people, including me are binge watching shows , movies and what not😉.

Isn’t internet , Netflix, prime, social media and all other platform seems like a boon in this difficult time in our life.Imagine what if lockdown has happened way before social media , internet era,Ooops don’t even want to think about it,how boring our lives would have been , atleast we are keeping little sanity by watching our favourite shows and doing what we like and always wanted sometime out of our hobby.Otherwise,In the hoard of making money and paying bills,all were tired and exhausted.we still are, nothing really changed as much but atleast we have sometime to do what we like.OH! coming back to binge watching.Nowdays a not so famous show has become my favourite “Jane-the virgin”,yes it is kind of chick flick,but hey many women also like superheroes too.So man ,why not chick flick.I am not saying man should definitely watch these shows, just that sometime chickflicks are fun too.

So the story revolves around three latin-american woman,Jane is the main character who artificially gets inseminated..she is basically a teenager who wants to become a successful writer ,but with this incident comes as a shocker,later she decides to raise a child . she finds out the father of her accidently artificially inseminated child was her crush where she works.Then they fall in love but she already has a boyfriend,then she chooses between the two ,gets confused.There are lot of up downs in her life and her mother and grandmother mother.It is a rom-com series with dreams,life, aspirations of young girl.

It’s good to binge on some light hearted, different story genre.

#netflix #janethevirgin


Makeup,which doesn’t look made-up

Who doesn’t love makeup?.Most of the woman loves makeup and let me make this clear “we ain’t do it for boys”. Generally fasination about makeup starts right from childhood when a little girl grew up watching their mother put something on face to enhance beauty.

It doesn’t always mean to be pro. One can always learn.For some people it could be only mascara as makeup ,for some it could be only blush/lipstick.I mean everybody has their own version of makeup love.

So colorbar has come with this interesting idea ,where you learn and develop your makeup.I think it would be good idea to brush up amateur skills.Paint a face like a pro.